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Secret Weapon (2019)



while the moon wades the night

wide awake ’n wild & tired

a fawn a fumbling for the light

light of love, oh light.

light of mine, o love required

divine love, terrified

love is just a lot of time

love is just a child of mine

child o mine o seek to spite

bend and mend love, unrequited

lovers seek and lovers find

love is good, lovers unkind

yet love is love and born of love &

love is never enough

it’s just a mother’s call to quiet

love I know, it’s all alright



when you come around

come around to me

when you hold me down

hold me under thee

take me on the road

take me on my own


to take 

from me.




Can’t run, never could

i’m no athlete

Can’t run, never could

Not a natural athlete

Can’t keep company

Yr on the a-team

Far ahead of me

Forever sixteen

In it, a bad dream


Can’t run, never could, it’s no good

Can’t run but I never could, stay put

I am lost in the void

I’m looking for you

Yr no longer amused


I see you in the waiting room

In a low moon

In a attitude



I lose it, I lose it, 

You come on boy like bruises, bruises, bruises,

Impatient I have fallen from the way

You don’t look at me straight anymore


It’s tragic, tragic

To think we had it, had it, had it

You don’t know the half of it

The dark of it,

When I think to the start of it


Tell me:

Do you recall?

Have you any memory?

Do you recall?

Have you any memory?


Of the waiting room

Of a low moon

Giving a little attitude



I am not the only one

You are not the only one

I am not the only one

& you are not the only one


As a ray is to the sun

A wave onto the shoreline

A part unto the sum

I am not the only one



False endings lead false hope

Threefold amen, holy smokes

Just when you think summer’s on the ropes

Moving shadows, friendly ghosts

Scared of going home alone

Mirrors & smoke

The oldest joke is getting old


Call him out, call him in,

Call him wild, wild is the wind

& just when you think that you’ve got him pinned

He’ll turn it back on you, turn, turn again

Running at a loss, losing


I been playing the martingale

Held on too long, had to fail

But even if I broke even

Would I fold and leave, then?




Will you miss me when I’m gone,

When the summer sun has got you feeling warm?

When thought turns to caress

& there’s less to undress

Will you think of me, 

& how you liked me best


Will you miss me when I’m gone

When the night is dark and you are left alone

When leaves fall from trees

& red runs into green

Will you start to missing me?


Will me when I’m gone?

When the circus that amuses you moves on

When snow is not he ground

And feet don’t make a sound

Will you notice then

I am not around


Will you miss me in the spring

When new life hides in every little thing

Will birds singing their song

Remind you of our own

And will you 

Miss me when I’m gone

O will you, miss me now I’m gone?





Got a buzz right now

there’s a feeling in the room

We shook off all the others

Well that’s not quite true


But I feel it and you feel it too

In the room silent

No smoke or mirrors to hide us

& the ghosts of our past lives


Yeah they’re sitting here beside us

In the room silent

Seen a lie, seen a liar

& that’s not true either


So I piled ‘em up and I made a fire

It’s an easy way out

From all this talk of children & wives

You’re scaring me

& the ghosts of my past lives


When they get scared they start to fight

And when there’s fighting I’m not sleeping

And if you call that love

Then I don’t love’s call

& that’s not true at all


So let ‘em lie where they fall

Bodies on a bedroom floor

And there we’ll turn

Before our eyes

To ghosts of the others’ past life

Ghosts of each other’s past life.



8. HOME 


Lover come home

I am your home

Lover come round

When you calm down

When we can speak words that don’t spark

Fires that last long after the dark

When every sigh is outta sight

Lover come home

Come home tonight


Lover come home

I am your home

Lover come round

When you calm down

When we can speak words that don’t spite

Matches that burn too long and too bright

When every bad patch is patched up right

Lover come home

Come home tonight





Oh how I made you God’s perfect image

A perfect stranger, a perfect plan

Now that it’s later I see the mistakes 

I made when I drew ya with my own hand


I drew your shoulder a little bolder

Like it could carry more than it can

Over your head I placed the need to wed

I know it’s unlikely you’re a family man


How could I draw it so wrong and ignore it?

A shape so amorphous can’t commit to ink

Wave on the sea

You break as you leave me

You shake as you seep into my skin

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